EDFOOD was created by the passion of two friends for natural and genuine woodland products.

An authentic love for mountains and uncontaminated nature has transformed a great passion into a company with an international scope. Today, EDFOOD sells mushrooms and forest fruits and, with the same passion and conscientiousness of its beginnings, takes care of the entire production chain and follows each detail with attention: from gathering to sorting, from preparation to packing, to offer customers a reliable product, with a high quality and an incomparable flavour.

…A great passion into a company with an international scope:

Our local mushrooms are ranked amongst the best in the world: the product gathered in the Apennines of Tuscany and Emilia, scattered with ancient, luxuriant and often uncontaminated forests, is considered particularly precious. The demand for forest products, both on a national and international level, is however much higher than the production capacity of our mountains; as a consequence, importing products from abroad has become a necessity for nearly all firms.

The attention towards nature and the passion for forest products has allowed EDFOOD to acquire detailed information about gathering areas, to select the best and to use, season after season, only top quality products. Thanks to this policy, EDFOOD can guarantee excellence and availability of product to its customers.