Truffle Delicacy Range

The unique aroma and flavour of the most prestigious truffle, combined with the fragrance and taste of the most genuine products of our culinary traditional, have been skilfully preserved in this precious, modern and savoury range of delicacies, created to fulfil the most refined and demanding gourmets.

Along with delicate dressing with butter, extra virgin olive oil or honey, which are ideal for adding a precious touch to your first courses and enhancing the flavour of meat dishes or cheese, try our cream and sauces that are perfect for tasty snacks and savoury starters.

Truffle flavoured butter, sauces and cream sauces
are available in the 80 g size  
Extra virgin olive oil and truffle dressing is available in the 50 and 100 ml sizes
Truffle flavoured honey is available in the 100 g size
Caskets are available in the 30 g size